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31,390 Pageviews440 Watchers

Group Rules and Submission Guidelines

When Joining:
:heart: Please Include in the Joining Comment- An Act of Random Kindness- ie: a hug to another deviant, a small comment of kindness, etc.
:heart: Mention a Deviant in Need.

We are looking for deviants who will be at least relatively active in the Group.

:bulletred: Will still see all journals and be able to suggest those in need, or ask for help for themselves.
:bulletred: They are not able to submit artwork to our galleries or participate in certain projects and events.
:bulletred: Still able to join in on some Events/Projects.
:bulletred: Are eligible to be interviewed.
:bulletred: They may join as members at any time.

:bulletred: Have the benefits of the Watchers.
:bulletred: Can submit to all Galleries and Favorites
:bulletred: Will be invited to Member Only Events and Projects.
:bulletred: Are eligible for Featured Members Artwork Features and interviews.


Open to Members-Only
Gallery Submissions - Critiques
:bulletred: Submit the art here on which you want to get critiqued. Please submit your own work ONLY
:bulletred: If you are a subscriber you need to have the critique feature turned on.
:bulletred: It can be any art form, just be sure to submit Literature to the right folder.
:bulletred: 1 deviation can be submitted per week.

Gallery Submissions - Normal
:bulletred: It is for the rest of the art.
:bulletred: Only finished pieces with some sort of quality.
:bulletred: It can be any art form, but be sure to submit Literature to the right folder.
:bulletred: Tutorials and stamps are welcome!
:bulletred: 2 deviations can be submitted per day.

Favorites Submissions- Featured
:bulletred: Any artwork is welcome from a Non-Member.
:bulletred: It must be finished and of good quality.
:bulletred: 2 deviations per week.

Favorites Submissions- Suggested Works of Others to be Critiqued
:bulletred: Must be a work from a Non-Member.
:bulletred: Explain why you are suggesting it when submitting it for vote.
:bulletred: All suggestions will be subject to vote by Staff, and to consent by original artist/writer.
:bulletred: Only 1 per week.

Open to Members and Non-Members
:bulletred: You can get any commissions added to our box.
:bulletred: If you want to be added, either leave us a note, or a comment on the main page.
:bulletred: In the note/comment specify what kind of commission you do as well as the starting price and give us a link to the commission journal.
:bulletred: We will keep commissions up for one month and then remove them, if you stop offering them sooner please tell us.

In Need of Donations
:bulletred: You can submit: Donations for your own subscriptions, donations to help you pay your bills/mortgage, donations for super groups, donation for contest prizes.
You cannot submit: Donations for subs to give away, donations to buy art/luxury items for yourself.
:bulletred: You can either leave us a note or a comment on the main page.
:bulletred: Specify for what you need the donations and give us a link to where people can donate.
:bulletred: Please inform us when you have reached your donation goal.

In Need of Hugs/Advice
:bulletred: Need a hug, or advice, or know someone else that does? Let us know by sending a note or commenting on the page.
:bulletred: Please include the reason why, and in case of advice a link to the journal, so we can help efficiently.



In need of hugs/In need of advice

Hugs needed :hug:

Please let us know of anyone you know who needs hugs!

Advice Needed :cling:

Please let us know of anyone you know who needs advice!


In Need of Donations

Donations needed :tighthug:

:new:AdeleEevee needs points so her group can donate Premium Memberships!

:new:Subway-Sweetie-Kay has a donation pool to help other artists.

:new:BridgetIllustrates needs donations to help out deviants and commission artists.


Commission Me!

:points: Points Only

:new:AdeleEevee :: glo letters//name tags//sketches

:points: Points or $$ :dollarus:

Let us know if you are open for commissions!

:dollarus: Starting Under $10.00

Let us know if you are open for commissions!

:dollarus: Starting $10 to $20

Let us know if you are open for commissions!

:dollarus: $20 and Up

Let us know if you are open for commissions!





Hello to all our members out there! :wave:

Our last journal was a whole five months ago!!! As a matter of fact all group interaction slowed down after that, with just a few comments here and there about new commissions or needs of donations.

Today I went through our front page and refreshed the various boxes found there. Since the Group Rules state that commissions and donations demands should be renewed every few months I have emptied all the boxes except for the most recent ones I received. I hope that with this we can all have a fresh start.

Please comment on this journal or the group's front page (or even send us a note) about deviants in need of help, hugs, advice, donations, commissions, etc...
But most importantly, something that may be more difficult, is to send us projects and contests you have going on or you are taking a part in. They are the best way to get the community rolling and involved, and that is exactly what we want :nod:


The one thing I am most interested in as I write this journal is who here is still active? Six months ago we did a big group cleanup to see who our active members were, if you are still actively watching this group would you please comment on this journal? And tell us what you would like to see happen with Project-Pay-Forward in this new year.
(The comment part also applies to the group's admin; I haven't heard from anyone in a long, long while.)

Have a wonderful start to your year, I'll try and make sure that the next time you hear from us won't be in another six months! :giggle:


More Journal Entries

Gallery Folders

Literature To Be Critqued
Member Lit
Featured Staff Work
Featured Member work
Finished Critique Works



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legendarybob Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! I'm doing tiny chicken/ pixel icon commissions starting at 40 points/ $0.50!
Check for more info:
RiseandBe Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I recently started a project called the #ComeTogetherProject!
We haven't officially launched, but everything you need to know about us can be found on the front page.
I would really love to make the group super so that we can serve the community to the best of our ability. Unfortunately, I cannot purchase that on my own.
If you could advertise the project, and our need for donations, that would be really wonderful. Donations can be made to ~TheComeTogether-Bank.

Thank you so much!
- Mo
JuliaBullet Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! moonflower Creepy Smile 50x50 New Avi cute piggy  
I'm Julia Love and i'm doing portrait commissions (digital, traditional) for points.  Heart La Moodswing :funnydance: SO MUCH LUFF :jumpingla: with plz account :lovesquee:
I may be you, your friend or your OC. I'm also interesting in something originally. Touch It  I can to draw greeting cards to holidays (birthday, mother's day, etc). Cute Emoticon Blushing
 For more information welcome to my page or send me a note. I'm kind girl 
Love The Sunshine :pogo: improved La :D
Thank you  :overlyenthusiasticgreeting:
Akaszik Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013
Thank you for featuring contest I hold in my profile. I'll pay it forward.

... and I've added your group icon to list of those who kindly featured the contest :aww:
(1 Reply)
aque-mizuhara Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
While we're at it, could I get a note in the box for my little project here, too? [link]
(1 Reply)
aque-mizuhara Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, a friend of mine is holding a contest [link]
Would you be kind enough to promote it? Thanks in advance! <3
(1 Reply)
AdeleEevee Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013
Can you please put me on the point commission only list? Thank you~ [link] points will be going to my group :iconpm-givers123:
(1 Reply)
Carmeliza Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I can say thank to all,who help me reach :points: for 2 PM for 2 persons and 1000 :points: gift- for another friend. Now I need 485 :points: for *keterok's Muro Brushes Packs.
Check this out: [link]
Commissions open till the end of November.
(1 Reply)
Astrikos Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2012   General Artist
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